Amazon begins Sunday delivery in UK and US this month

Amazon will this month begin delivering items on Sunday to Amazon customers in the UK.

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And on the seventh day he rested, because his box set of Game of Thrones arrived that morning. Yes, Amazon will soon begin delivering your items on Sunday.

The Wall Street Journalreports that Sunday delivery will be available in London later this month. In the US, Sunday deliveries begin on 17 November in Los Angeles and New York and are delivered by the US Postal Service. But here, Amazon will use its own vans.

Delivery on the sabbath will be available to Amazon Prime members who pay £49 each year for faster dispatch times,  out of hours deliveries, and unlimited free deliveries. Each Prime member can share their delivery benefits with up to four household members. Update: Sunday delivery is available to anyone, at no extra cost above the regular delivery rate. So simply pay for the delivery option of your choice and your package will arrive as soon as, with no delay because of the weekend.

I've reached out to Amazon for full details, and I'll keep you posted. Posted! Boom boom!

Not content with going from selling books to selling pretty much anything you can think of, Amazon has in the US expanded into selling groceries too, which it conveys to cupboards on the same day as the order is placed.

And having brought us the Kindle ebook reader and Kindle Fire HD tablet, the bookselling behemoth is reportedly developing a smart phone and even a set-top box.

Should more shops open and parcels be delivered on Sunday? Is Sunday an outdated religious concept or the last vestige of a simpler time before globalised capitalism turned us into mindlessly-consuming automatons? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or leave us a delivery on the Facebook page.