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Alleged drug dealer takes Facebook selfie with drugs and, um, cop car

Florida man allegedly wants to show Facebook friends how easy it is to sell drugs in Port St. Lucie. The demo goes awry.

The sheriff's office posted this collage. Martin County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

The tension between sharing and preening in social media can become unbearable.

You're supposed to be a citizen of the new world. You're supposed to be a giver.

At the same time, some people might find your giving annoying. Some might even choose to arrest you for it.

In Port St. Lucie, Fla., one man thought he'd take some selfies and reveal his easy, happy life.

Everyone has done it. But not everyone is an alleged drug dealer. And, as WPBF-TV reports, 21-year-old Taylor Harrison may not have entirely considered the potential consequences of his photography.

For police say he took to Facebook and posted selfies featuring not only him but drugs and cash, leaving a strong implication that he might, in some way, be involved with drugs and cash.

Still, Harrison's cup of self-confidence may have overflowed when he also purportedly took a picture that included a Martin County Sheriff's Office squad car.

The sheriff's office took to some photography of its own, snapping Harrison allegedly in the middle of a drug deal.

And it decided to do a little preening of its own with a Facebook post entitled "When Selfies Backfire."

In it, the sheriff's office offers photos and the words: "The third shot is an MCSO undercover camera capturing Taylor selling drugs to one of us. He tells us, he is the best around!"

Or, perhaps, was.

The post continues: "Since Taylor was kind enough to share photos of us on his Facebook page, we thought we would share these photos of Taylor on our page. Taylor's bond is $55,500."

What is it that pride comes before again?