Alienware m15, m17 thin gaming laptops get a big facelift

More power on the inside, more style on the outside.

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The redesigned Alienware m17.

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Alienware launched its "Legend" laptop design overhaul at CES with the monster Area-51m. At Computex 2019, the company revealed an updated generation of its thin gaming laptops sporting that same design, the Alienware m15 and m17, along with some must-have performance updates and new options. The company also announced a pair of budget headsets to keep its lone pricey model company.

In addition to sporting the additional Lunar White color, hexagonal back grill, rectangular shape and forward hinge which typify the look of the Legend design system, the systems incorporate improved cooling and processor power management intended to eke more speed out of the components. The keyboards have improved travel and more sculpted keycaps, while the precision touchpad gets a glass surface for the premium feel.

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The new models bump to ninth-generation Intel processors and offer options like 2.5Gbps Ethernet, plus you can now equip the m15 with a 240Hz screen (in addition to the OLED option introduced for the previous model) and Tobii eye-tracking. The screens include EyeSafe's blue-light-reduction technology that Dell debuted on most of its new laptops at the show.

Of course, you'll still have the standby choices like 144Hz or 60Hz HD screens.

Alienware m15, m17 get a bold new look

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The new models are slated to begin shipping in July with prices for each starting at $1,500. But if you're more budget-conscious, last year's models will remain in the lines with prices starting at about $1,150. Or if you're really price sensitive, Dell updated its G3 15 Gaming laptop to match the design of its G5 and G7 siblings, which got the refresh earlier this year.


The Alienware 7.1 surround headset has a retractable microphone.


Joining the new laptops are a pair of inexpensive gaming headsets with matching Legend designs. The $100 Alienware 7.1 Gaming headset (AW510H) will come in black or white versions, to match the new laptops; the Dark Side of the Moon color will ship at the end of July, while the Lunar Light model will be available about a week later.

The Alienware Stereo Gaming headset (AW310H), will start at $80 but come only in black.