Alarm clock wakes you up, makes you tea

At the same time that the Teasmade Alarm Clock is waking you up, it's also brewing you a fresh cup of tea.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram
Teasmade Alarm Clock
Wake up and smell the tea. MenKind

I don't do so well in the mornings: When I hear the alarm clock go off, I need caffeine immediately. To make matters worse, I'm not the biggest fan of coffee. The Teasmade Alarm Clock by Swan offers a simple alternative. In addition to waking you up, it brews a cup of tea so you'll immediately be able to drink down a cup and start your day.

While there have been plenty of automatic coffee pots, it seems it's much harder to find an option for morning tea.

The Teasmade Alarm Clock, which sells online for about $90, has a modern, compact design, with a clear, LCD-illuminated analog clock face. It also has a ceramic tea pot and a cover that slides into the side of the clock. It's actually set up so the timer starts heating the water at a set time and only when the water starts boiling is the alarm clock triggered. That way, you'll always have hot water when your alarm goes off.

You'll still need to add a tea bag to actually brew your tea. The pot holds about 2.5 cups of water, which is enough for two morning cups of tea if you're in a sharing mood.