Airwolf 3D prints an entire outfit at CES to show off its latest printers

Airwolf 3D touts its latest dual-extruder 3D printer, the AW3D HD-R, with an entirely 3D-printed custom-fit outfit at CES 2015.

Dong Ngo SF Labs Manager, Editor / Reviews
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Dong Ngo
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Watch this: The Airwolf 3D AW3D HD-R 3D printer can print lots of materials

LAS VEGAS -- Now that you can 3D-print your own food , the next step is naturally to print your own outfit. That's exactly the possibility what Airwolf 3D had in mind coming to CES 2015.

The 3D-printer vendor showed off a full-size outfit at the show, including a dress and accessories. The dress was designed to custom-fit a model portraying the character "Sandy the Materials Girl," who also has a purse, glasses, earrings, armbands, mobile phone, heels and, of course, a martini glass. All are 3D-printed from 25 different materials.

Airwolf 3D's Sandy and her 3D-printed outfit. The only thing is not 3D printed is Sandy herself. Dong Ngo/CNET

The dress itself was printed from some 4.5 pounds of ABS, Wolfbend TPU and TPE filament that cost a total of around $80 in materials and took some 180 hours to finish. It was printed a hand-size piece at a time before being stitched together to form the dress. At a glance, it looks just like a fancy designer outfit.

The AW3D HD-R (front) being demoed at CES 2015 Dong Ngo/CNET

Needless to say, Airwolf 3D also showed its 3D printers at the show, including its latest dual-extruder AW3D HD-R.

Airwolf 3D AW3D HD-R 3D-printer specs

Max temperature 320 degrees Celsius
Build volume 11x8x12 inches
Materials 25+, including nylon and polycarbonate
Print-head Dual extruders
Print speed 150mm/s
Minimum layer height 60 microns
Nozzle size .50 orifice (.35 orifice available)
Printer interface 8" Android tablet with cloud
Print bed Heated print bed
Printer size 24x18x18 inches
Weight 45 pounds

This new printer offers high resolution, dual head printing, Wi-Fi connectivity, cloud-based slicing, and file storage/management. The printer itself has a rugged aluminum frames and cover with transparent covers. The machine is integrated with a web-based software so there's no desktop software for it. On top of that, thanks to the support for Wi-Fi, users can also print directly to it from a smartphone or any tablets.

The AWD HD-R is currently available on pre-order for a suggested price of $4,595. Neither Sandy nor her outfit is included.