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Adobe Lightroom will continue as stand-alone product

Adobe has confirmed that Lightroom will remain a stand-alone software package, despite the push for Creative Cloud subscription-based services.

In response to questions about Adobe's Creative Cloud model, the team behind Lightroom has confirmed that the software will continue to exist outside of the cloud.

(Credit: Adobe)

A few weeks ago, Adobe announced that it would no longer sell its Creative Suite (CS) software, instead moving towards a subscription-based model where users will pay an ongoing monthly fee to access CS tools and suites. Dubbed the Creative Cloud (CC), new features will continue to be rolled out to users progressively, such as a photo deblur feature that will be available in the CC version of Photoshop exclusively.

Lightroom has always been a separate package from the Creative Suite. When the CC announcement was made, the Lightroom team was quick to blog that its software would continue to be available outside of the subscription system.

In a Google+ Hangout, Adobe product manager Tom Hogarty again said that Adobe has "no plans to make Lightroom subscription only at any point in the future ... we plan to make Lightroom available in its current form pretty much indefinitely."

"Forever is a big word," he continued, "but for the foreseeable future."

Later, Hogarty said that the team is looking at other cloud-based offerings for Lightroom that aren't necessarily part of the CC ecosystem — more like cloud-based workflows.

Since Adobe announced its move to the CC model, users have reacted by starting petitions calling for an end to a subscription-only model, and questions have been raised about how users would retain access to their work once a subscription runs out.

You can watch the full Hangout with Hogarty below.