Adobe issues Photoshop CS4 patch, urges users to update

Issues in Adobe's Photoshop Creative Suite 4 image-editing software were found to be critical enough that it could let hackers take control of affected Mac.

Joe Aimonetti MacFixIt Editor
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Joe Aimonetti
Adobe's Photoshop Creative Suite 4 image-editing software has critical vulnerabilities that could let  hackers take control of Macs with the suite installed. Graham Cluley, a security researcher, said the security risk lies in infected ASL, ABR, and GRD files that can cause you to surrender control of your Mac to a remote hacker.

This possible attack affects only users of Photoshop CS4, version 11.0.1. According to Adobe's Security Advisory, users should update their systems immediately. To update Photoshop CS4, navigate to Help, and click on Updates. You can can also download the update (version 11.0.2) directly from Adobe.

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