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Adobe demos Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool

Adobe demos a Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool. Could this be the first steps toward more agreement between Adobe and Apple regarding the Flash vs. HTML5 feud?

In the midst of the Flash vs. HTML5 arguments between Apple and Adobe, the CEOs of both companies backed their approaches as being "open" and threw accusations toward the other company as being a closed system that locks people into using a specific technology.

They both had their points, but it appears Adobe may be bending a bit in its stance by demoing a Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool at Adobe's MAX 2010 conference, which took place earlier this week.

Adobe's John Nack (product manager for Photoshop) recently blogged about the demo presentation. In the blog post he includes a video of the presentation and mentions that the effort is in part to cut the cost of targeting multiple runtimes for Web developers.

Despite this being a shift in direction toward HTML5, it is highly unlikely this indicates Adobe is going to be dropping Flash or moving away from it. In contrast, this could be an effort by Adobe to bolster Flash as a primary development environment, but opening the opportunity for developers to move their content to HTML5 if they choose.

Currently the tool does not appear to be slated for release, and John Nock makes a note of there being "no promises"; however, this is an interesting move by the company, especially given the recent feud around HTML5 and Flash on Apple's iOS.

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