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Add real wood smoke to your gas grill

Gas-Grill Stainless Steel Smoker Trays offer an easy way to add real smoke flavor to meals prepared on your gas grill.

Soak wood chips in liquid and place in grill. Sur La Table

There is an endless amount of variety when it comes to cooking outdoors. Before you even decide what to cook, you have to decide how to cook it. There are choices galore all vying for your cookout attentions. Outdoor fryers exist, along with smokers, ovens, and other means. Most of us tend to fall into the grill category, but even then, the choices don't stop. Between charcoal and gas is where most of us fall. Charcoal adds a dimension of flavor, but can be quite messy. Gas offers convenience without sacrificing quality results. Sometimes, however, the gas grillers out there may want to throw a little wood on the flames.

Of course, you wouldn't want to toss bits of wood all inside your nice clean gas grill, so that's where these Gas-Grill Stainless Steel Smoker Trays come in. A distinctive pyramid shape, the trays settle nicely into the space provided by most gas burners. Simply fill the containers with wood chips soaked in liquid (water, beer, wine...) and lay them in place. The heat from the grill will cause the chips to smoke, flavoring your meal. Constructed of durable stainless steel, the trays are an attractive accessory for your grill.

Just like the debate about what separates barbecue from grilling, the accessories and appliances for your outdoor method of choice are endless. No matter where you tend to fall in your preferences, the name of the game is about having fun. If you can add a little more flavor to your grilled meal while you are at it, all the better. The price is certainly right for this simple way to expand your grill; the tray will run you $20 for a set of two.