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Acoustic Energy Wi-Fi Internet Radio: True wireless

Fancy waking up to Peru's answer to Chris Moyles? Then Internet radio is for you, and Acoustic Energy's latest effort also streams your MP3s from your PC

Internet radio offers a dizzying level of choice from around the world. If you want to listen to the Peruvian Chris Moyles, or you just want more stations than your FM or DAB radio can offer, you won't go far wrong with the does-what-it-says-on-the-tin Wi-Fi Internet Radio from Acoustic Energy.

AE's portable wedge-shaped box makes Internet radio simple. This plug-and-play device links directly to any Wi-Fi network and gives you the ability to listen to live as well as listen-again radio content without turning on your PC.

We particularly like the prominent rubber twiddler, which has a pleasing clicky feel to it. Unfortunately, Crave's office Wi-Fi network is currently more secure than Guantanamo, so we couldn't test this out for ourselves.

This box of tricks has a few other surprises. The AE Internet Radio can stream your PC or Mac music library via the wireless network and supports MP3 and WMA formats. There's also an alarm clock, which will play the last selected station to help you bound out of bed to Sao Paulo's Radio Calypso. 

It has a mysterious 'reply' key as well, which means it's potentially set up for future interactive features. The AE Wi-Fi Internet Radio is available now for around £200, although we spotted it online at the more sensible price of £150. -Allan Tinkler