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Acer unveils rack-mountable server

The computer maker launches a slender server specifically designed for businesses such as Internet and application service providers.

Acer America has unveiled a new server targeted at high-bandwidth customers such as Internet and application service providers.

The Altos R701, based on Intel's Xeon processor, uses hyperthreading technology, which lets a microprocessor perform two functions simultaneously, resulting in increased performance. The 2U (3.5-inch) server comes with dual-channel gigabit LAN, 64-bit PCI-X and optional SCSI-RAID support.

The server can handle up to a terabyte of storage using hot-pluggable hard drives. It has 12GB of DDR266 RAM and can work with several operating systems.

Speed and size have been driving the server market, as companies try to pack more power into smaller chassis. In March, Hewlett-Packard introduced a 2U server featuring four processors; Gateway and other companies are selling servers with Xeon processors; and San Diego, Calif.-based RackSaver specializes in servers that take up less space than do wares from competitors.

"High-density computing in the Internet-enabled world requires a server that offers high performance while not becoming too hot in its rack system," Stephan Halland, vice president of Acer America's desktop and server business unit, said in a statement.

The company said the new product will be available through its resellers in North America for about $2,900.