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Acer teases new laptop in 'Star Trek' promo

An unusual video clip shows off what may be a new massive desktop replacement laptop.

In advance of a planned May 3 press conference, PC maker Acer is teasing a new laptop as part of a tie-in with the upcoming film "Star Trek Into Darkness."

In the (somewhat cheesy) video, clips from the film are intercut with rendered images of what looks like a massive new laptop. Separately, Acer says this is going to be a "unique" laptop that "approaches touch and type in a new way."

A peek at Acer's new laptop. Acer

As seen in the video above and these screenshots, this unnamed laptop has an unusual hinge that pivots the entire lid out, like an arm. To me, this indicates a very large screen, as it looks almost exactly like the HP Pavilion HDX, a massive 20-inch laptop with a very similar hinge I reviewed back in 2007.

A screen grab of the new Acer laptop on top, the 2007 HP HDX on the bottom.

This new Acer model could be, like the HP version, a crossover between laptop and all-in-one desktop. Dell also made a similar model years ago, but these 20-inch laptops never really caught on.

We'll likely see the final product on May 3 when Acer holds its New York press conference. Until then, we'll leave you to ponder the wisdom of intercutting your new laptop launch with images of a crashing spaceship.