Acer Predator G7750: Demon gaming PC makes trophies of men

Acer's new Predator G7750 is a truly hardcore gaming desktop PC that boasts an Intel Core i7 processor, liquid cooling and space for four removable hard drives

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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The CIA has us pushing too many pencils, so when Acer dropped us into a meatgrinder with a host of announcements at this year's CeBIT, we didn't have time to bleed, let alone get to tha' choppa.

Meet the Predator G7750, Acer's latest foray into the hardcore gaming world. Looking appropriately hideous, this performance-boosting monster boasts an Intel Core i7 processor, which features TurboBoost technology to dynamically accelerate system performance, and hyper-threading to apparently enable the G7750 to handle eight processing threads on four cores.

Overclocking software promises to take the hassle out of pushing your machine to the limit, and you'll be able to stuff the G7750 with up to 12GB of RAM. It'll support up to 8TB of storage, with space for four serial ATA hard-drives, with a maximum capacity of 2TB each.

Those hard drives can be accessed on the fly, thanks to a glowing orange door that opens to reveal the four bays, allowing you to switch drives around even when the PC is switched on and in use. A shiny black faceplate slides up to reveal a rewritable DVD and optional Blu-ray drive, and a liquid cooling system should do a good job of keeping your legs not-on-fire.

Acer are betting big on 3D -- the G7750's graphics card will play nice with the Acer 3D monitor and the Nvidia 3D Vision Kit, so if you can afford it, it should make for a fairly mind-blowing gameplay experience.

The Predator G7750 is slated for a May release. We've no word on pricing information yet, but stay tuned.