Acer LumiRead ebook reader starts new chapter with 3G and ISBN scanner

The Acer LumiRead packs in shelves full of features, from 3G to an ISBN scanner, helping you pick books from shops and friends without resorting to theft

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Richard Trenholm

Acer's new LumiRead ebook reader goes above and beyond most other readers, packing in Wi-Fi, 3G, Web browsing and an ISBN scanner.

The ISBN scanner lets you scan actual physical books in the bookshop or at a friend's shelf. You can then create a wishlist and search ebook stores for a digital copy of your desired tome.

The LumiRead throbs with Wi-Fi and 3G so you can download new titles over the air, wherever you are. A browser lets you surf the Web and save content to read later. It also supports DLNA, so you can connect up to Acer's new clear.fi home-network ecosystem.

The e-ink screen measures 6 inches from corner to corner. It comes with 2GB of onboard storage and takes microSD cards for a memory boost.

That's a sackload of features in one device -- but we're yet to be convinced whether Acer's superior specs can draw the limelight away from the more established Amazon Kindle or the much sexier Apple iPad. Price and release date are yet to be confirmed.