Acer expands Vero eco-friendly PC line with new laptop, mini desktop and monitor

The products are made from recycled plastics and ship in recyclable packaging.

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Acer Aspire Vero

The Aspire Vero is the first of many eco-friendly devices from Acer.

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Acer is growing its eco-friendly Vero product line to include new PCs and accessories made from recycled plastics and packaged in recyclable materials. The product announcements, part of the company's global Next@Acer event on Wednesday, follow the recent release of the Aspire Vero laptop, which was announced at Acer's last global event in May, and coincided with the launch of Windows 11. Along with the Vero products, Acer announced a laptop recycling program that could get you up to $100 toward the purchase of an Aspire Vero laptop.

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Joining the Aspire Vero are the TravelMate Vero laptop and Veriton Vero Mini desktop. The TravelMate Vero is a business version of the Aspire Vero that's made from 30% post-consumer-recycled plastics (PCR) and ships in 100% recyclable packaging. Available in black instead of the Aspire's gray chassis, the 15.6-inch laptop can be configured with up to an 11th-gen Intel Core i7, 16GB of memory, a 1TB SSD and Windows 11 Pro. Acer also includes commercial-use tools like a BIOS that can be locked or rolled back, a discrete TPM for security and manageability and an all-in-one security tool, Acer ProShield Plus.  


The Veriton Mini is available in 1-, 2- or 3-liter sizes. 


The Veriton Mini desktop is made from 25% PCR plastics and ships in a 100% recyclable box. It will be available with a wide range of component options and available in three sizes -- each small enough to fit in a backpack or mount to the back of a display. Speaking of displays, Acer will also have the Vero BR277, a full-HD monitor on a stand that has tilt, swivel and height adjustments and a brightness that can be set as low as 15%. The monitor's housing is made from 50% PCR plastic. 

Acer also announced a series of Vero accessories including mice, mousepads and laptop sleeves as well as a new recycling program for laptops. If you have an old one in good condition from a major brand, you can trade it and and receive up to $100 toward the purchase of an Aspire Vero.