Acer Aspire Vero eco-friendly laptop getting a special National Geographic Edition

The laptop, made partly from post-consumer recycled plastic, gets some Nat Geo-inspired design touches.

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The Aspire Vero is Acer's first laptop made from post-consumer recycled plastics, and it ships in packaging made from recycled materials that are also 100% recyclable. Launched at CES 2022, the 15.6-inch laptop's chassis and screen bezel is made from 30% PCR plastic, while the keycaps on the keyboard are 50% PCR plastic. The inside of the laptop is also designed to be easily accessible and upgradable. Despite the plastic body, the Aspire Vero has a higher-end look and feel. And now the design is getting a special edition with inspiration from National Geographic. 

For the Acer Aspire National Geographic Edition, the lid will have a topographic map-like pattern that alludes to the impact of global warming on rising sea levels, Acer said in the announcement. A small National Geographic logo is also on the lid and the iconic National Geographic yellow border is printed on the bottom right corner of the keyboard. The words "For Planet Earth" are also printed in yellow on the spacebar. 

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Each purchase of the special edition model helps support the US-based global nonprofit National Geographic Society in its work to protect our world through exploration, research and education, Acer said. Oddly, though, it won't immediately be available in the US. It is expected to be available in China this month followed by France in March. Acer also said it will be available in multiple countries across the Asia Pacific. Pricing in China will be 5,499 yuan and 899 euros in France, which converts to $1,015, £755 or AU$1,410. 

Most PC-makers are taking steps to increase sustainability including the use of recyclable materials in packaging and PCR plastics in products. What's unique for Acer is that Vero is an entire product line focused on greener product design. Along with the Aspire Vero and a TravelMate business laptop based on the same design, there is a compact desktop, a monitor and computer accessories.