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A washing machine from the future

Concept washing machine, iBasket, stores laundry and initiates cycle when full. It even calls you to let you know the load is done.

Meet the iBasket.
Guopeng Liang

It's not quite the washing-machine robot I've been waiting for, but it will have to do in the meantime. This finalist from the Electrolux Design Lab '08 contest is called the iBasket, a Wi-Fi-connected laundry hamper from the future. Guopeng Liang submitted the winning design.

The idea is to use this as a hamper, throwing your dirty clothes in as they accumulate. The iBasket then senses when the load is full and initiates the wash cycle. Since it is Wi-Fi-enabled, the concept washing machine can even alert you when the load is complete.

Made out of acrylic, recycled aluminum, and plastic, the iBasket certainly looks cool. Besides the unfortunate name, (please, please, change before production) the only other wish I would have for this device is for it to have legs.

Legs. You know, like a robot. It looks pretty cool with its clear, sleek design, but it would look even cooler if it had legs and automatically ran around the house looking for things to wash. Along with my robot vacuum cleaner and concept Bubble Dishwasher I wrote up the other day, my house would be a welcome haven for all those cleaning-obsessed robots.

(Via Born Rich)