A village with taste

Williams-Sonoma's limited edition holiday cake pan can turn out a perfect treat and centerpiece. The Snowy Village Cakelet Pan creates a picturesque dessert.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram
The Snowy Village Cakelet Pan Williams-Sonoma

The holiday season isn't just about baking--plenty of entertaining goes on, as well. The Snowy Village Cakelet Pan can help out with both. Using it, it's easy to turn out miniature cakes shaped like quaint cottages covered with festive greenery. Add a dusting of powdered sugar and you've got a snow-covered village that will look perfect in the middle of your holiday table. You don't need to take decorating any farther than that, although a few little touches of holiday color can make the village even cuter. Personally, I think that gingerbread makes for both the perfect appearance and smell for this holiday village, although the pan comes with a recipe. It can hold six cups of batter--one cup for each of the six buildings in the tiny village.

The Snowy Village Cakelet Pan is cast-aluminum, making for a very durable pan that will distribute heat evenly, baking your cakes perfectly. The pan has a nonstick finish, so that even the small architectural details on the buildings will release easily from the pan. While you should wash the pan by hand, it is easy to clean up. The Snowy Village Cakelet Pan is a limited-edition pan made by Nordic Ware and available through Williams-Sonoma for this holiday season. The pan is $36.