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A very clever cup clip

DrinKlip Cup Holder keeps your drink away from your workspace and safe from spillage.

This sturdy little clip will hold up to a pound and a half and a cup up to 3.25" in diameter. MoMA Store

One of the reasons I bought a notebook computer is so I could get work done in my living room. Until now, this has worked out just fine: I can bring my computer to my coffee table and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while I write or balance my budget.

But, as they are prone to do in the world of people who still rent, things changed when I got a new roommate.

It wasn't the arrival of a new body in the house that interrupted my typical living room workspace, but rather the arrival of three new bodies: a roommate and his two cats. Although I am an animal lover, feline curiosity is dangerous when combined with open containers of coffee next to expensive pieces of electronic equipment. In other words, my coffee table workspace, complete with computer and coffee, became an accident waiting to happen.

So far, my solution has been to keep a vigilant watch over my computer, bringing it back to my desk whenever I leave the room. After several trips back and forth, this practice gets annoying, and there are some days that I'd appreciate a more permanent solution.

One possibility for preventing a possible kitty catastrophe is this DrinKlip Cup Holder. It clips onto the edge of your table, reducing the chance that your drink will spill. Plus, with your drink on the side instead of the top surface of the table, you have more free space.

As much as I'd probably get some sideways glances, I could see this coming in handy during rush hour at the busy bookstore cafe I sometimes also go to, where I almost always share an itty-bitty square table with someone else, also with a coffee and a computer.