A toaster oven with a new perspective

The BrylaneHome 2-Tier Vertical Toaster Oven takes meals in a new direction by stacking two elements on top of each other. The two independently controlled sections can cook different things at the same time.

Brian Krepshaw
Brian is the author of two culinary based books published via his imprint Storkburger Press. A lifelong Californian, he has been consistently exposed to some of the best food in the world. With a deep appreciation for the kitchen, he is always on the lookout for that perfect appliance that combines style and grace with the ever-popular ability to save time.
Brian Krepshaw
Toaster oven times two.
Toaster oven times two. BrylaneHome

Kitchens can be finicky things. Certainly some recipes call for an exacting schedule of ingredients, but the environment in which they are made can also play a deciding factor. When it comes to getting the job done--and getting it done efficiently--there can be no better ally to have than counter space. But increasing your work area can require a creative approach.

The BrylaneHome 2-Tier Vertical Toaster Oven takes one of the most common kitchen appliances and orients it in a new direction. The double-decker toaster oven will not only turn bread into toast, but it is also capable of baking a side dish at the same time. Each level works independently and is capable of a temperature range of 150 degrees to 450 degrees.

Included along with this oddly shaped contrivance are two oven wire racks and two bake pans. Taller than it is wide, the 1,500-watt toaster enables you to find new space in the kitchen, while supplying the convenience that is expected of it. How to free up counter space can be a puzzling challenge. Sometimes, solving that puzzle just requires a new perspective.