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A special touch for pie crusts

Cutting decorative patterns in the top of a pie can take more time than most of us are prepared to spend. But the Apples and Leaves Pie Top Cutter adds that special touch in seconds.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram
The Apples and Leaves Pie Top Cutter Nordic Ware

Thanksgiving is rolling around, which means that there will be a whole bunch of pies on my kitchen counters shortly. There may even be some friendly competition as to whose pie looks the best. One of my friends can turn out a perfect lattice top for a pie crust, but this year, I may be able to top that. The Apples and Leaves Pie Top Cutter lets you cut out one of two patterns on your top crusts as you roll them out. One side offers a pattern of apples, while the other is a set of leaves. These designs definitely take the functional slits necessary for putting a top crust on a pie to the next level.

The Apples and Leaves Pie Top Cutter is essentially a giant cookie cutter. Once you've rolled out your pie crust, press the pie top cutter down into it firmly. It will cut out the shapes, as well as cut the larger circle for the crust as a whole. Put it on top of your pie and crimp the edges--you'll be ready to stick it in the oven. The pie top cutter is meant for pies approximately 12 inches across. The Apples and Leaves Pie Top Cutter is priced at $11.