A slide-in range that stands out

Whirlpool's TimeSavor line of slide-in ranges has some great new features.

Abbi Perets
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Abbi Perets
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I am all about built-in and integrated appliances, so I didn't think I would get excited about a slide-in range, but a couple things about Whirlpool's new TimeSavor line really caught my eye.

A 20-minutes steam clean cycle keeps this range looking good. Whirlpool

The TimeSavors are so named because they use a rear fan and a third heating element to circulate preheated air over, under, and around food to seal in flavor and juices and cook 30 percent faster than traditional ovens. In addition, the range top takes advantage of a dual-radiant element to bring liquids to a boil quickly, saving you prep and wait time when you're hungry for a meal.

This range is designed for real life use. It has dishwasher safe burner grates and a satin finish that's easy to wipe clean and wear-resistant. The angle of the console and its removable knobs make it easy to clean the exterior of this range.

Best of all, these ranges offer a SteamClean option that spot cleans light spills using only water in 20 minutes. If you've ever run a self-cleaning cycle on your oven or sprayed it with oven cleaner, you understand why this is big news. A typical self-clean cycle takes as long as four hours, and the entire house smells awful for the entire time. A 20-minute steam cycle is, simply, a brilliant idea.

The TimeSavor line also features the AccuBake temperature management system, rapid preheat mode, delay and hold timers, Sabbath mode, and a more comprehensive self-cleaning mode. The ranges come in gas and electric models and hit a variety of price points.