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A refurbished, rotating 22-inch LCD for $139.99

Holy guacamole! This "famous maker" 22-inch monitor has more features than others costing twice as much, with speakers, a USB hub, and an HDCP-compliant HDMI input.

This HDMI-equipped monitor can rotate 90 degrees.

Remember the 24-inch rotating LCD for $199.99? Here's your chance to nab its 22-inch cousin for $139.99 shipped.

As with other promotions of late, you have to use PayPal to get that price; otherwise, it's $149.99 (still an awesome deal).

Like the 24-incher, this "famous maker" liquid-crystal display is comparable to one of HP's monitors, namely the W2207H. In addition to the usual 1,680x1,050 resolution and 5ms response time, it features stereo speakers, a USB hub, and an HDCP-compliant HDMI input (in case you want to connect, say, a Blu-ray player).

The monitor can also rotate 90 degrees for portrait-mode computing, which is pretty slick for Web browsing, desktop publishing,, sheeting, and the like.

Because it's a refurb, the warranty expires after 90 days. That's the only real downside to this otherwise killer deal. It wasn't that long ago that I was crowing about feature-strapped 22-inchers for $199. Here's a fully loaded model for 60 bucks less. Yowza!

Update: If you didn't pull the trigger yesterday, today (Friday) is your lucky day: is offering an additional $15 off when you pay with PayPal, bringing your grand total down to $124.99!