A portable propane grill to be proud of

An affordable alternative to a full-size back yard grill.

Abbi Perets
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Abbi Perets

With the threat of layoffs looming large for many of us, big-ticket purchases are the first to get nixed. So, if you'd been putting off the purchase of a grill, you may have decided that you just can't justify the $400 or so a decent setup costs.

Full-size flavor in a portable package. Amazon

And while it's true that a full-size monster cooking station starts at $400 and runs as high as $2,000, unless you're regularly cooking up whole cows to feed a crowd, you can get by with less. Imagine the great taste of barbecue in your backyard for under $200. And if you like what you're envisioning, then check out the Weber Q200 portable propane grill.

Set up the Q200 in your yard and enjoy its 280-square inch cooking area--plenty of room for over a dozen burgers, a couple of chickens, or whatever else your family's hungering for. The cast-iron grill grate gives you the performance you want in a grill--no chrome-plated nonsense here.

And because this grill is portable, take it on your beach getaways and savor the work surfaces on the sides--you'll keep your tools sand-free.

This portable grill is truly powerful enough to hold its own as your primary barbecue space, and for the price, you can't beat it.