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A plate to go

The Go Plate offers dining options for tailgating and other one-handed dining situations.

The Go Plate is great for tailgating. The Go Plate

I've been known to try to balance a paper plate on top of my glass at picnics. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes I need another plate. When I saw the Go Plate, which is shaped to rest on a soda can or a beer bottle without any question of tipping over, I was intrigued. The Go Plate is reusable, although the makers priced it to be disposable; reuse it several times before throwing it away. The plate is made from clear recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET). It's sturdy enough to support food, as well as be run through the dishwasher on the top rack. The Go Plate is recyclable.

The Go Plate snaps into place on most drink containers, using different ridges in the plastic plate to create a steady eating surface. Just a note: you do have to take your plate off your beverage before drinking. The makers of the Go Plate also have an interesting fund-raising program in place, where they work with nonprofit organizations to sell plates. The organization then gets a cut of the proceeds. It could make an ideal fund-raiser for an organization holding an event with a lot of walking and eating.