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A perfect cup of tea at the perfect temperature

The Cuisinart PerfecTemp Porcelain Enameled Teakettle offers the control necessary to get your cup of tea just right.

If you drink much tea, you can tell the difference between a cup that's been steeped at the right temperature and one that's off a bit.

The PerfecTemp Porcelain Enameled Teakettle from Cuisinart makes it possible to prepare each cup at just the right temperature--as well as avoid any need to reheat just because it's been sitting a while. The kettle has a precise temperature gauge that indicates just the right water temperature for brewing a good cup of tea or coffee. It's easy to read and uses multiple colors so that you can tell the temperature at a glance. It also whistles when water begins boiling, just in case you've stepped away from the stove.

The PerfecTemp Porcelain Enameled Teakettle has an iron core, as well as an enameled exterior. It heats up quickly and retains heat. This can save you time and energy. The kettle has a silicone grip on the handle to protect your hands from the hot kettle.