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A passenger-carrying drone to make regular flights in Dubai

Officials anticipate that the EHang 184 AVV drone will begin operating in Dubai by July.


The EHang 184 passenger drone, which carries a single person, has also been approved for test flights in Nevada.

Joshua Goldman/CNET

A pilot-less drone designed to carry one passenger at a time is set to start making regular trips in Dubai beginning in July, the Associated Press reported Monday.

The EHang 184 AAV (autonomous aerial vehicle) is a one-person, battery-powered pod designed to carry a passenger for 23 minutes at about 60 miles per hour. Eight rotors mounted in pairs on four folding arms lift the drone.

The masses first saw the EHang 184 at CES 2016. It has since received permission to make test flights in Nevada.

EHang didn't immediately return a request for comment.

Here's footage of the drone:

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