See a music video love story told entirely on Apple devices

Brunettes Shoot Blondes releases an awesome animated music video for its latest single "Knock Knock." The stars? iPhones, iPads and MacBooks.

Brunettes Shoot Blondes is a Ukrainian band, and they've just released a unique, enchanting music video set entirely on the screens of Apple devices.

The video is set to the band's latest single "Knock Knock," and features a man chasing after a woman across a series of iPhone, iPad and MacBook screens. Throughout the two-minute video, the main characters whisk through the screens of the display, and the animators added fun touches like the man having to sort through a series of app icons that fell to the ground to find a photo of his sweetie, and having to unlock a turned-off iPhone to pass through.

Check out the fun video for yourself at the top of this post, and enjoy one of the first animated Apple device love stories.

I hate it when apps inexplicably fall to the bottom of my iPad's home screen. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

(Via The Verge)