A mug with your mug

Harriet Damave will paint your face on a mug, making for a custom-made dish perfect for everyday use.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram

The Portrait Mug House of Harriet

Ever get your coffee mug mixed up with the guy in the next cubicle? Maybe it would be easier to tell your mugs apart if they were customized. The House of Harriet line of personalized mugs is unique: Harriet Damave draws portraits on the mugs she sells. You can even arrange for a face other than your own to be emblazoned on your cup: Damave works from photographs or descriptions of characteristics. She can even do pets.

Damave's usable artwork is food safe: she glazes and fires the cups herself and makes sure that all glazes melt completely. These cups are dishwasher safe, scratch resistant, and can even be used in the microwave. Customers have the choice of an earthenware or porcelain cup, as well as the option of a gift box.

For a custom House of Harriet mug, the price is $55 plus shipping. Because Damave is based in the Netherlands, shipping to Europe is less expensive than to the U.S. Damave also sells a number of designs that, while they aren't so unique, are a little less expensive. It takes between four and five weeks from initial order to delivery, and Damave provides a sketch for clients' approval before she finalizes her designs.