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A masterpiece of a cooktop

Thermador's line of Masterpiece Cooktops incorporate new technology, such as infrared sensors, to better prepare your food.

In its line of Masterpiece Cooktops, Thermador has included a number of technological improvements to make cooking an easier matter. These electric cooktops include the largest cooking elements on the market, Thermador's CookSmart and SensorDome technologies and touch controls.


The innovation of the SensorDome system is especially useful: the infrared sensor technology continuously measures heat coming from your cookware and instructs the heating element to cycle on and off to maintain a precise temperature while eliminating boil overs. The SensorDome system works in conjunction with CookSmart, a Thermador innovation that allows you to preprogram your cooktop for common recipes, like pasta.

The Masterpiece Cooktops are available in both 30-inch and 36-inch options. Depending on the size you pick, as well as additional features you might choose to add on, the Masterpiece Cooktops range in price from $1,300 to $2,000. Among those options are more traditional mechanical knob controls, rather than the touch controls that are standard on the cooktop.

It can be installed flush with most kitchen countertops and can be cleaned with just the wipe of a sponge. Each cooktop has five elements, as well as 10 cooking zones. Each element has a "Keep Warm" option, making it simple to prepare meals with more than one course.