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A little Samba after your salsa

These beautiful dishwashers from Baumatic will brighten any kitchen with their orange, yellow, and red options.

Although I'm a huge fan of cooking (and an even bigger fan of eating), cleaning is not really my thing. To trick myself into cleaning up the kitchen, I usually rely on music (tip: the Rob Thomas/Carlos Santana collaborative "Smooth" is perfect) and setting timers to keep me on my feet and moving. So while I was reviewing some specs on the Baumatic Web site, the Dance Partners heading caught my eye.

Yellow, my pretty little dishwasher. Baumatic

The entire line is stunning, but I'm really drawn to the dishwashers. Choose from Merenghe (orange), Samba (yellow), or Tango (red) to brighten your kitchen and maybe even make you smile at the sight of dirty dishes. OK, maybe that's a bit excessive, but come on--look at these beauties!

According to the specs, these cheery machines can hold 14 place settings and have a half-load option as well as the standard cycles you'd expect to see in a dishwasher: normal, intensive, economy, and rinse. In addition, there's a glass cycle and a soak cycle, which are somewhat less common options.

The dishwashers also offer a delay start option, so you can set the dishwasher to run while you're sleeping. But the specs also claim that the machine features quiet operation, so maybe you'll just run it right after the meal. And with the turbo dry feature, you can probably run it midway through a meal to have fresh dishes for dessert, if you're into entertaining.

If you do cook a lot, you'll also appreciate the collapsible plate racks--lower them to pile in the pots and pans you don't want to scrub.

The dishwashers are rated A for energy efficiency and washing and drying performance--the European Union equivalent of an Energy Star rating stateside. I haven't had a lot of luck finding reviews of these appliances, so if you know whether they offer more than just a pretty face, please chime in below!