A lemon wedge for every purpose

With the Citrus Wedger, adding a slice of lemon to a drink or meal is easy.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram

The Citrus Wedger Williams-Sonoma

I always have a couple of lemons on hand: I might need a couple of wedges to toss into a pitcher of ice tea or to serve with a seafood dish. With the Citrus Wedger, turning those lemons from whole fruit into wedges is just a matter of pushing down once. You get six wedges and don't even have to try to cut a lemon rolling around on your cutting board. Of course, you can use the Citrus Wedger with other fruits. A few perfectly sliced lime wedges will go particularly well with your cocktails. It's a useful addition for any home bar. The wedger can be adjusted to cut fruit up to 2.75 inches in diameter.

The Citrus Wedger is made from plastic with stainless steel blades inset for slicing. Those blades are very sharp, but the wedger is designed so that you can easily keep your fingers out of the way; although, you can make the process even steadier if you cut the end off your lemon before you place it in the Citrus Wedger. It should be washed by hand, rather than ran through the dishwasher, but clean up should be fairly easy--even the messiest lemon isn't much more than lemon juice. The Citrus Wedger is priced at $15.