A knife just for mango

The Mango Knife lets you cut closer to mango pits, getting every last bit of fruit for a tasty treat.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram
The Mango Knife Bed Bath & Beyond

When you're slicing up a mango, it's hard to cut close to the pit. Often, you have the choice of tossing away good fruit on the pit or gnawing it off with little dignity. If you're slicing up more than one mango, it's enough to drive a person crazy! There is a knife up to the task of cutting mango, however. The Mango Knife has a curved blade, specially designed to allow you to cut closer to the pit. It reduces the waste left by other knives when slicing mango.

The Mango Knife is ideal for cutting up mango after you've got it off the pit, as well. If you use the curve of the blade, you can easily cut mango squares with just a slice. The blade also has a serrated edge, enabling you to cut a mango half into a grid. The results are a nicely cubed mango, easy to serve and eat. And the knife is dishwasher safe--no need to clean up sticky fruit juice. The ergonomic handle received the Orthopedic Research Seal of Approval. The Mango Knife is priced at $14.99. Also available are the Avocado Knife, the Pumpkin Melon Knife, and the Ice Cream Knife.