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A kitchen island for a cozy kitchen

Empire Island Kitchen Baking Island for kitchens that never seem to have enough counter space.

Having room to cook is the most important kitchen accessory. Kitchen Krafts

Kitchens can never have enough counter space. Trying to create even the simplest of dishes requires a good workable area. From chopping vegetables to marinating meats, it is essential to have room to work with. Unfortunately, many small kitchens offer very little workable area. Luckily, there are solutions. From tables to additional stands, there are products designed to address this very need. However, the island is the one piece of kitchen furniture that I have found that I cannot live without.

The Empire Island Kitchen Baking Island caters to those in need of some serious spatial upgrading. If you dream of having the opportunity to actually set out your ingredients before you start cooking, you may want to consider the simple benefits of expandable leaves. Made from northeastern hardwood, the kitchen island offers 14.5 square feet of workable area when the leaves are fully extended. The leaves easily pull out with the help of glides. Underneath the tabletop, adjustable cabinets and an island-width drawer provide additional storage. To facilitate access, cabinet doors are installed on either side of the island.

In standard position, the island measure 44 inches by 26 inches with a 1.25-inch thick tabletop. With all the added space, you can finally set in motion the cooking that you have always wanted to do. No more frantically rummaging through the refrigerator for ingredients while meals burn on the stovetop. Having the space to prepare food means you can stop the balancing act in the kitchen and get back to what matters: the cooking.