A grill you can bring indoors

The Flama Chakall Indoor Flame Grill lets you grill up healthy food in the comfort of your kitchen.

Thursday Bram
Thursday Bram is a freelance journalist of over five years experience. She has worked in real estate and property management, learning the hard way the difference between the appliances that people like and the appliances that actually work in a home. Thursday currently lives in Maryland.
Thursday Bram

There are plenty of days when firing up the grill in the back yard just isn't in the cards, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to get a couple of steaks going. The Flama Chakall Indoor Flame Grill offers an alternative, allowing you to grill indoors--and with a few more health benefits than the grill in your back yard may offer. It has channels to drain away grease, with just enough of a slope to get it clear of your food. The grill also comes with a removable drip tray so that you can easily clean it.

The Flama Chakall Indoor Flame Grill has an injected aluminum plate with a nonstick coating, making it easy to cook on. The cooking area measures 31 centimeters by 29 centimeters, large enough for a couple of steaks or anything else you want to toss on there. It stores upright to minimizes the space it needs when not in use. The Flama Chakall Indoor Flame Grill uses 2.3 kW of power and offers a variable thermostat so that you can easily control temperatures (one of the most important differences between this indoor grill and others). The Flama Chakall Indoor Flame Grill even comes with a spatula for cleaning, as well as a few of Chef Chakall's recipes.