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A good BrewNanny is easy to find

The BrewNanny Home Brew Monitor is a Kickstarter project that communicates data via Wi-Fi. Real-time results make it easy for brewers to track progress.

The BrewNanny beer brewing monitor watches over the fermentation.
The BrewNanny monitor watches over the fermentation.BrewNanny

The best thing ever to happen to beer drinkers is beer brewers. Naturally, this just makes sense, because after all, without brewers, there is no beer (well, drinkable beer anyway). But, luckily it goes way beyond that simple truth. As craft and microbreweries continue to appear and grow to epic proportions, those that truly benefit are the beer drinkers. More great beer choices means more great beer to drink. And for that, every home brewer deserves a toast -- or at least a little piece of mind.

The BrewNanny Home Brew Monitor connects brewers to their craft like never before. Consisting of a simple little device that replaces a conventional air trap, the gadget monitors crucial factors that impact final results. Sending data such as fermentation rate, temperature and light level to a personal Web dashboard or smartphone, brewers can keep up to date on the brewing process and can even receive text alerts or email messages.

The air trap that the BrewNanny is designed to replace is used during the fermentation process. As yeast converts sugars into ethanol and carbon dioxide, that gas build up needs a place to escape to. Air traps vent the CO2 build up while preventing air from getting in. By redesigning this piece of the beer-brewing puzzle to measure CO2 volume, BrewNanny can calculate how much alcohol is produced, and then send that info using your home Wi-Fi network directly to you.

For those who labor over hops, grains and yeast, turning the ingredients into something much more than the sum of their parts, a toast is in order -- or better yet, Kickstarter success. The BrewNanny campaign runs through April 25 and is well on its way to reaching its funding goal.

Via Gizmag.