A gadget that will ap-'peel' to your inner clean freak

Veggie Peel skims the skin off of fruits and vegetables and contains the waste in its clever handle

Jennifer Lowell
Jenn Lowell spent her time at the University of Colorado building robots and other toys before earning her graduate degree in mechatronics and mechanical engineering. She is a self-proclaimed lover of anything that runs off of electricity and has moving parts or motors. Currently pulling double-duty as a high school science teacher and freelance blogger, she has free time seldom enough to deeply appreciate the modern technological conveniences that give her more of it. She is a long-time recreational blogger currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY.
Jennifer Lowell
Though it's no secret that vegetables are healthier for you when left intact, peeling them is a necessary part of cooking. And though I don't mind peeling my carrots and potatoes, I detest getting rid of the peels. Because my sink is devoid of a garbage disposal, I get to complete the unpleasant task of scooping the stringy outer skins by hand into the trash.

But there's a gadget on the market that will make life a bit easier for those of us without in-sink disposal methods. The Veggie Peel solves the pesky peel problem by embedding the peeling blade on the edge of a plastic chamber. As you peel your fruits or veggies, the waste is simultaneously contained inside where it can be dumped out later.

At $20, this gadget is significantly more than your average peeler, but it's an easy alternative to the several hundred you'd spend to rework the plumbing in your kitchen sink. At any rate, I wouldn't mind paying 20 bucks to save my hands from all that scooping.