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A gadget that makes shredding herbs a snap

Herb scissors by RSVP mince, slice, and chiffonade fresh herbs in a matter of seconds.

Jennifer Lowell
Jenn Lowell spent her time at the University of Colorado building robots and other toys before earning her graduate degree in mechatronics and mechanical engineering. She is a self-proclaimed lover of anything that runs off of electricity and has moving parts or motors. Currently pulling double-duty as a high school science teacher and freelance blogger, she has free time seldom enough to deeply appreciate the modern technological conveniences that give her more of it. She is a long-time recreational blogger currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY.
Jennifer Lowell
Check out what these herb scissors do to scallions.
Every good cook knows that cooking with fresh herbs beats using the dried stuff, but doing so can sometimes be a real pain. Thyme is fairly straightforward and can be stripped off easily, but some herbs, like chives, basil, sage, and rosemary, are tough to slice, especially for those with big fingers.

With these herb scissors from RSVP, cutting tricky fresh herbs is a snap. You can easily chiffonade basil, mince chives, and snip scallions into tasty miso-soup-size rings. Since the scissors have several blades, you can cut an entire stalk of herbs in only a few scissor strokes.

The kicker is the awesome price: at around $10, the tool is totally accessible in addition to being useful. You can check out the herb scissors as well as some customer reviews at their page on Amazon.