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A finger-safe garbage disposal

InSinkErator's Evolution Cover Control disposal system keeps fingers safely out of harm's way, so the only thing being ground up is your food.

I guess it's a function of having children; I see danger everywhere. Particularly in my garbage disposal. I have horrifying thoughts of a child's fingers somehow ending up where they shouldn't be, or a child somehow hitting a switch when my fingers are where they shouldn't be. And, needless to say, these constant worries really detract from my whole kitchen experience.

Look, Ma, no fingers! InSinkErator

Some might suggest that I remove my garbage disposal completely, but those people are just mean. Not everything goes in the compost pile, and the disposal keeps the pipes happy and clean. So, I looked around and discovered that apparently I'm not the only crazy careyaker out there. InSinkErator has heard the countless pleas of teeth-gnashing parents and has responded with the Evolution Cover Control system.

Evolution Cover Control is a powerful system with two grind stages that can handle tougher foods than other disposals. It's also quiet; the company claims at least 60-percent quieter than standard disposals. (I guess that's the equivalent of two screaming children?) But, most importantly to this meshugena mama, it has a Magnetic CoverStart feature that lets the disposal run only when the cover is in place. You can't possibly grind up your fingers that way!

Of course the disposal is compatible with the SinkTop Switch. So feel free to grind your food. Just not your fingers.