A crafty carrot peeler

You can see at a glance exactly what the Carrot Peeler is meant to be used for.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram

The Carrot Peeler Patina Store

It's easy for a kitchen drawer to wind up looking pretty boring: even if you have a bunch of different kitchen tools, most of them will have a plain, utilitarian appearance. The Carrot Peeler, from Patina Store, however, adds a little touch of whimsy to any drawer. The Carrot Peeler can be used to peel any vegetable, but the handle is shaped like a carrot stick--and it's bright orange, to match. The grip is soft, allowing a little more comfort than a true carrot stick might, which comes in handy if you need to peel more than just one vegetable. There may be more ergonomic vegetable peelers, but they can't match the Carrot Peeler's sense of style.

The Carrot Peeler eight inches long, with a light green plastic guard over the peeler. It's not the only product from Patina Store that uses vegetables as designs for equipping your kitchen: they offer an onion saver, shaped and colored like a red onion, and a place mat that looks exactly like a large cabbage leaf. The Carrot Peeler is priced at $6.95--it can make a cute gift as well as a find a place in your own kitchen.