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A cookout with a campout

If you're planning on dining outside, the Food Tent can help make sure that you aren't sharing your meal with any bugs.

The Food Tent
Miles Kimball

I love cookouts--except for the uninvited guests. It seems that no sooner than I set a bowl down on an outside table that bugs head straight for it. The Food Tent offers an easy way to keep pests off your picnic: the mesh tents sit over the food, while still letting you see what's underneath. The tent is 15 inches square at the base and stands 10 inches tall, which is plenty of room to fit over most bowls and platters. You can concentrate on eating what's in front of you without needing to worry about waving bugs away from the food still in the bowl.

The Food Tent is lightweight and easy to pack along on a picnic or trip. The metal frame collapses into an easy-to-carry shape, and easily reopens. Considering that the majority of the tent is mesh, it won't add much weight to a backpack--and it can offer a major benefit to anyone squeamish about sharing a meal with the insects. The Food Tent is also ideal for home cookouts. Each one has a top hook for quick removal, as well. The Food Tent comes in a set of three, with a total price of $13.99.