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A chip clip that talks back

This handy gadget lets you record up to 16 seconds of audio that plays back every time you open the clip.

My chips! Mine! Record-O-Clip

On occasion, I've given into a craving while shopping at the supermarket and buy a bag of tortilla chips. When I do, I mean to hoard them for myself and not share them with the rest of my beloved family. So when I open the pantry at the end of a long day to find the bag empty save for a few crumbs, I am unhappy.

And we all know what happens when Mama is unhappy.

The Record-O-Clip might help. It's a chip clip that lets you record a short message that plays each time the clip is opened. So if I recorded a stern warning to my children--I'm thinking along the lines of, "Back off! These chips are mine!"--I might find my snack intact at the end of the day.

The Record-O-Clip is magnetic, so you can store it on the fridge and use it to relay information when it's not protecting your tortilla chips or other snacks.

The clip is available online for $8, and it comes in five colors.