6 Galaxy TabPro S features you need to try out

Just unboxed your Galaxy TabPro S? Here are some features that will make your new gadget easier to use.

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Alina Bradford
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The Galaxy TabPro S is a super-fast tablet with a detachable keyboard. That you know. Here are some features you may not know about that can get you off to a great start with your new electronic friend.

Samsung Flow

Did you know you can connect your TabPro S with your Galaxy smartphone with Samsung Flow? Once you've connected the two you can:

  • Securely log into your TabPro S by tapping your unlocked Galaxy smartphone and scanning your fingerprint
  • Use your phone's hotspot when the tablet loses its Wi-Fi connection
  • Sync notifications so you can check and reply directly to your phone's notifications on your TabPro S

All you need to do is to download the Flow app from the Play Store and the driver. To update the driver, go to Start > All Apps > Samsung Flow and follow the on-screen directions.

Once you have the app and the driver installed, turn Bluetooth on for both devices. On your phone, open the app and toggle the button at the top of the screen to On, then check the I Agree box and tap Next.

On your TabPro S, go to Start > All Apps > Samsung Flow > Pair.Select your device and then click Pair and Yes. Follow the on-screen instructions and set up your fingerprint password.

Instant Answers

You may already use Cortana, but did you know about Instant Answers? This tool pops up whenever you use an Internet browser or Cortana. At the top of your search results, it gives you the most relevant information so you don't need to click on a link to go to a Web page. It automatically displays movie show times, weather, stock quotes, flight status, local listings and much more.

Scrap Box

Scrap Box is one of my favorite features. It's an easy way to capture a screenshot. Once you've taken your screenshot, you'll be able to share images, edit them and view them as a slideshow. It's like an amped-up version of the Windows Snipping Tool.

Open the item you want to take a screenshot of. Go to Start menu > All Apps > Scrap Box. Now you've got the tool open, tap on the pair of scissors in the upper left-hand corner of the app. Crop the item on the screen you want to save as an image and click Done.

The screenshot will be placed in a work area where you can save it, draw on it, add text or share it.

Customize your keys

There are a lot of ways to customize the way your keyboard works with the TabPro S. To access these settings, go to Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard > select preferences. Once you get to this point, you'll be presented with several options.

Here's what each of keyboard features do:

  • Sticky Keys: Sets up keyboard shortcuts. Press one key at a time to add keyboard shortcuts
  • On-Screen Keyboard: Turns on the on-screen keyboard so you don't need a physical keyboard
  • Toggle Keys: Plays a tone when you press Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock
  • Filter Keys: Ignores or slows down its response to brief or repeated keystrokes. Also adjusts keyboard repeat rates

Other Settings allows you to turn on several different features, including:

  • Shortcut underlines.
  • Warning pop-ups when you turn settings on with a shortcut
  • Alert sounds when turning a setting on or off with a shortcut

Quickly change between tablet and desktop mode

It's really easy to switch back and forth between tablet and desktop mode. Tap on the Action Center icon. This icon looks like a word bubble and is located at the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

Then, select Tablet Mode. When the Tablet Mode icon is highlighted in blue, that means the feature is active. Tap it again to go back to desktop mode.


Samsung's new Galaxy TabPro S comes with a snazzy keyboard case that offers two comfortable typing positions.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The book cover adjusts

You probably already know that the TabPro S's cover can be used as a stand, but did you know it adjusts from a fully upright position to an almost-flat position while still attached to the keyboard?

Here's how:

  1. While the stand is in upright position, grasp the cover and the tablet tightly beside the camera area.
  2. With your other hand, stick a finger in the open triangle of space between the tablet and the cover near the keyboard.
  3. Flick the cover outward with your finger outwards and lower the tablet and cover backwards.

This position makes it easier to draw or perform other gestures on the tablet while still keeping it attached to the physical keyboard.