Up your home-office game and save 40% on this Bluetooth wireless speakerphone and charging station

Combine tech on your desk, save space and save cash at the same time.

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With so many of us working from home or moving back and forth to the office, every space is a meeting space. That means space matters more than ever, as your desk could be a coffee table in a living room or a shared space in an office at any given moment. If your work has you frequently on calls, and you like having a charger at your desk, this DOSS FreeTalk Bluetooth speaker with a built-in wireless charger seems like a great idea. The small size makes it easy to travel with, and the full-range microphone captures voices from all directions within 3 meters, while also offering DSP noise-reduction technology. And if you grab it from Amazon today, it's only $48.

Given how many of us are video conferencing these days, this speaker system can remove a lot of the hassles we face -- such as feedback or echoing -- when too many people in a room are trying to use multiple computers on a single call. It will even charge your device while you're on a call, so you won't be reaching for a cord halfway through a meeting.

Modernizing your teleconferencing isn't the only way to use the speaker, either. With eight hours of talk time, the FreeTalk also functions as a portable speaker and charging station while you're listening to music or streaming videos on your device while on the go. 


  • USB-C connection for charging (up to 10 watts) and pairing devices
  • Built-in wireless charging deck to charge a phone or tablet during call
  • Travel case