This 3D printed puzzle gives you the best view of Tokyo

After a short but successful Kickstarter, a Japanese 3D printing company is set to bring the Tokyo city skylines to your coffee table in this 100-piece printed puzzle.

Kickstarter / Onehundred Tokyo

The "I heart NY" shirt may be iconic, but a Japanese company wants to bring souvenirs into the 21st century.

Tokyo-based iJet is using 3D printing to make impressive 3D Map replicas of its city. The entire city is segmented into 100 tiles, each of which are incredibly detailed and fit in the palm of your hand.

The company funded the project with a short-but-successful Kickstarter, where it more than doubled its $10,000 goal, and hopes to take advantage of the masses coming to Japan for the 2020 Olympics. iJet isn't the only one preparing for the games, with Mitsubishi working on holographic tech to liven Tokyo up and the Olympic Broadcasting Service hoping to air the games in 8K resolution.

iJet's 3D map is made up of 100 pieces, each 10x10cm. The scale is currently set at 1:12,500, with each tile expected to sell for $125 (AU$160, £100) and the total set costing around $12,500.

The total 100 puzzle pieces are set to be completed by August of 2017, with 9 tiles already finished as of last July. Kickstarter backers can expect to have reward deliveries made by November of next year.