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Best Gifts 2023: Clear Your List With These 58 Great Ideas

Don't wait until it's too late. Finish up your shopping right now with these great gift ideas.

Casetify iPhone cases come in a variety of colors and designs

It may not be December anymore, but that doesn't mean you can't shop for someone special. If you're left with a few people on your list who are particularly tricky to buy for, let us help you. We've rounded up all of our favorite products that make for the best  gifts anyone could ask for. There are all types of gifts at various prices, so be sure to check out the whole list.

Best Gift Ideas Under $25

No one likes a warm beer or seltzer, right? BrüMate has a whole line of insulated coozies that are designed to keep your favorite beverages colder longer, so you don't need to rush through drinking them or risk them getting warm. You can find ones that work for slim cans (like White Claw and Bud Light), bottles, mixed drinks, pint cans and more.

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Best Gift Ideas Under $50


Whether you know someone who just moved into a new home or have some new friends who are always hosting parties, a charcuterie platter is a great gift. This one has slots for crackers and nuts, and an area for the fruit and cheese. It comes with four stainless steel knives that hide away when they aren't in use.

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Best Gift Ideas Under $100


Air fryers are extremely popular this year and there are a ton of choices out there. Instant (the company that makes the Instant Pot) has a 6-quart air fryer that has a nonstick basket and a digital touchscreen for under $100. That's a large enough capacity to cook fries, chicken, veggies and much more with ease.

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Best Gift Ideas Over $100


Tired of reacting differently to foods and not understanding why? Everlywell's food sensitivity tests can help you figure out exactly what's happening by testing up to 96 different foods to show you how your body interacts. Be sure to use code TAKEACTION to save on it now.

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Best Personalized Gift Ideas

Jared DiPane / CNET

Casetify offers a wide variety of cases for iPhones, Android phones, MacBooks, headphones and more. You can pick from one of many designs the company offers or you can opt to customize a case of your own with a name, initials, favorite colors and so on.

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Best Electronics Gift Ideas

Grid Studio

While it may not be a traditional "electronics" gift, any tech enthusiast should love to have one of these framed gadgets on their wall. Grid Studios takes apart old devices and frames them with their insides laid out for everyone to see. There are previous-gen iPhone models, Android phones and even some retro handheld gaming consoles. Grab one now, before it's too late.

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Best Subscription Service Gift Ideas


KiwiCo has specialized "crates" that are designed for children of various ages. You'll want to pick the kit that's closest to your kid's age to ensure they have the best experience with it. The company has arts, early learning, science, design, culture, tinkering and more involved in the crates, so they should absolutely keep the kids in your family having fun.

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