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Storyteller: Become the Author of Your Own Story With the New Netflix Game

Open up this game from Netflix and write your own destiny.

Katelyn Chedraoui Associate Writer
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Katelyn Chedraoui

Heroes, villains, love, betrayal and revenge, oh my! All of these and more await in Netflix's newest game: Storyteller, from Annapurna Interactive. The game will be available to US-based Netflix subscribers starting Tuesday, Sept. 26.

The game's name tells you exactly what you'll be doing -- creating stories. The single-player game places the pen in your hands and lets you drag and drop storyboard tiles to design your own tale. It includes a variety of fantasy characters, including dragons and vampires, that will let you create and explore a whimsical, novel experience.

Netflix games like this one can be played on Android and iOS devices. Just go into the Netflix app, scroll down until you see the Mobile Games carousel, then select whichever game you want to explore. Netflix subscriptions start at $7 a month for people in the US.

Other games that Netflix has recently released include murder mystery game Ghost Detective, Vikings: Valhalla, based on the show of the same name, and an interactive simulation based on the reality TV hit Love is Blind.

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