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Amazon Prime Invite-Only Deals for Black Friday: What to Know

Invite-only deals are coming back to Amazon for its biggest sale of the year.

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Black Friday is still a week away, but Amazon hasn't been shy with deals this month -- already, we've seen discounts on TVs, iPads and more. And once again, Amazon is bringing back its invite-only discounts for sales that it expects to be extremely popular.

Amazon's invite-only system was introduced earlier this year and gives bargain hunters a chance to ensure access to specific deals without having to watch the site like a hawk. In order to be eligible for certain high-profile deals, you'll need to register for those products ahead of time.

Below, learn how Amazon Black Friday invite-only deals work and how you can sign up for special deals now.

What are Amazon Black Friday invite-only deals?

Some of the biggest Amazon Black Friday deals are already displayed on the site, and have a special red box indicating they are an "Invite-only Prime Deal." Once you click on the product, you'll see a yellow "Request invite" button sitting below the promoted price. Clicking that button will register you for a guarantee to buy the product at the Black Friday price when it goes on sale.

Invitations will be granted based on the number of products Amazon has in stock. If your request for an invitation is successful, you'll get an email from Amazon with a special link to buy the product when it goes on sale.

How do Amazon Black Friday invite-only deals work?

It's simple for Amazon Prime members to request invites for deals that are available by invitation. Look for the yellow button marked "Request invite" below the advertised Amazon Black Friday price. These buttons will only be present on products that are marked "Available by invitation."

a screenshot of an email confirmation from Amazon about an invite-only Prime Day deal
Amazon/Screenshot by CNET

After you click the yellow button, a small pop-up window will confirm that you've requested an invitation, and the product page will refresh to show "Invite requested." You'll also get a confirmation email from Amazon with the subject "Invite-only deal requested," that shows the product you requested and the Black Friday deal price.

If you're selected by Amazon to receive an invitation, you'll get an email during the Black Friday sale (Nov. 19 through Nov. 22) with a special link to buy the product. The product page will display a timer showing how long you have left to make the purchase. If you're not selected for the invitation, you'll receive an email explaining that as well.

You can only apply for one invitation for each product, but you can request invites for as many Black Friday deals as you like.

Which Amazon products are offered as invite-only deals in November?

We've found eight products so far that are being offered now as invite-only deals for Amazon Black Friday. The list includes kids' Bluetooth headphones, a limited-edition Star Wars stand that makes your Echo Dot look like Darth Vader, a SodaStream bundle, a Blink outdoor camera system, a Citizen men's watch, a Bulova men's watch and a Ring floodlight camera.

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