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Seeking tech, will travel

Seven cities, 19 days. From Hong Kong to Chiang Mai, I'll be learning and living the region's hottest -- and oddest -- tech toys.

We need this tech everywhere, right now (pictures)

Smart toilets! A waiter button! Here's some everyday tech from Asia that I want to use here at home.

Everyday tech from Asia that I want to use every day, too

Sometimes it's the little things -- like a hands-free, germ-free way to signal a pedestrian crossing -- that get you thinking about the simple lifestyle tech you could really use.

LG can't follow Apple, says VP, 'We have to be different'

For LG, the modular G5 phone is the first step in a new strategy. Here's why.

The future of Samsung Pay is frictionless, says Samsung's self-proclaimed 'payment nerd'

I met with Samsung on its home turf in South Korea to see how Samsung Pay is going to get better at letting you pay for things without thinking too hard.

Apple, Samsung rival Xiaomi readies itself for US 'battle'

China's up-and-coming phone brand is gathering strength to enter major Western markets, but it'll take some serious planning.

Check out the LG LTE Action Camera...in action (pictures)

The waterproof, LTE-enabled rig has a microSD card slot and can broadcast 1080p HD quality video to YouTube Live.

LG's take on the GoPro broadcasts to YouTube Live (hands-on)

You can use the waterproof, LTE-enabled action camera to record video privately, or press a button to share your adventures with the world.

6 cities in Asia put Huawei's P9 to the test (pictures)

How well did this phone's two Leica cameras capture CNET editor Jessica Dolcourt's travels in Asia? Check out her photos to find out.

Holy Great Wall, Batman! The Huawei P9's Leica camera helped photograph my trip through Asia

I took almost 200 photos and videos on the Huawei P9's Leica camera in six cities in Asia. Not every picture is a winner, but let this travelogue serve as the true test.

LG's G5 designers respect your hairstyle, get philosophical

Time travel and Pandora's Box. This is how the guys who made LG's coif-friendly VR goggles feel about 360-degree video that shows you more than any mere photo can.

I spent a day with elephants, and the DVD they gave me is almost useless

Commentary: It's good news when the elephant conservation people give you a DVD of your time with the unforgettable pachyderms. It's bad news when you realize none of your computers can read it.

Selfie sticks were really starting to grow on me...until I broke two

Commentary: What good are selfie sticks when they both stop working?

Xiaomi wants to redefine 'made in China'

By overseeing quality control over its electronics and others', the aggressively-growing company wants to change your perception of Chinese workmanship.

You can only do these cool things with Samsung Pay in Korea -- for now (pictures)

Pay for the train, speed up and ATM withdrawal. In Samsung's home town, I saw it mobile payment system in a whole new light.

China's airports don't like exploding 'hoverboards' any more than you do

Commentary: Airports in China have strict guidelines concerning electronics that might explode, like battery packs, and two-wheeling robots.

What it's like inside Xiaomi, China's popular upstart phone-maker (pictures)

Xiaomi's Beijing headquarters looks like a typical Silicon Valley office, filled with toys and hip seating. There's even an office dog. I toured two nearby offices and the Xiaomi store in the mall attached to one office.

China takes mobile payments to a whole new level

Commentary: When it comes to mobile money and instant delivery, these popular services in China make me jealous as anything.

Air pollution apps are no joke in smog-choked China

Commentary: In a place where protective face masks are common attire, having the right app can make a huge impact on your lungs.

Goodbye, China. Hello, Internet freedom!

Commentary: I'm back in the land of unfettered Internet and it feels great.

A man collapsed at the airport, and I'm the only jerk who took a photo

Commentary: Watching a tragic event unfold at a Beijing airport check-in desk forced me to think about social media's role in bearing witness.

Inside Shanghai's flagship Apple store (pictures)

What's it like walking into the large, beautiful Apple store in Shanghai's city center? We'll show you!

Here are the three things I'm allowed to tell you about how phones are made

Visiting one of Huawei's phone production lines was fascinating and highly secretive event.

Eat like an employee at the world’s third-largest phone maker

It’s not every day you can get a sense of how people in other countries eat day-to-day. But at Huawei’s R&D center in Shanghai, China, tech workers seem to have it pretty good.

I can't get good Internet in China, but check out these power outlets!

Wi-Fi may not be a strength of my Shenzhen hotel, but the power outlets are a revelation.

Phones and watches from Nexus 6P-maker Huawei are starting to get good

Huawei's tech gadgets are beginning to walk the walk, which is great news for buyers.

5 ways you know you're at an analyst summit (and no, it isn't as sexy as it sounds)

They're long, often boring and the Wi-Fi never works. But then you hit a bright spot -- and I don't just mean the dragon fruit tartlets.

This truly is a 'Handy' phone (and every country should have it)

How a low-powered, souped-up, mostly 3G phone that gives travelers free local data became my lifeline in Hong Kong.

This traveler's phone gives you free, local data (pictures)

A Handy phone in your hotel room spells total traveler freedom.

Living without Google, and Twitter (and Facebook) is really, really hard

Visiting China, where my top Internet services don't work, proves how fully I rely on them.

Seeking tech, will travel...to Asia!

I'm about to embark on a 19-day trip to seven cities in Asia, sharing my travels in tech as I go. Join me!