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Firefox OS

Mozilla's mobile operating system, unveiled at Mobile World Congress, won't win over many iOS and Android faithful. But it's credible for low-budget feature-phone owners.

By February 24, 2013

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Firefox for iPhones now stops websites from tracking you

Mozilla makes a privacy-protecting option the new default for its web browser running on iOS devices.

By April 12, 2018


Password-free web security is coming to Chrome, Firefox, Edge

The nightmare of remembering passwords is, hopefully, finally coming to an end with support for two-factor options in browsers.

By April 10, 2018


Spotify's big stock debut, Mozilla releasing AR/VR Firefox

Today's major tech stories include Spotify's soaring stock debut, Mozilla's AR/VR version of its Firefox browser and HTC Vive VR headset update reviews.

By April 4, 2018


Mozilla's Firefox Reality browser is where VR meets the web

The new Firefox Reality will run on several leading headsets, but it's not clear yet how well the web will spice up today's virtual reality.

By April 3, 2018


Firefox extension keeps Facebook from tracking you on the web

Mozilla releases a tool called Facebook Container to improve privacy during a time when the world is suddenly more aware of how much Facebook has eroded it.

By March 27, 2018


Firefox might wipe out annoying website pop-ups

With a new generation of distractions flashing in our faces, one browser maker is considering ways to cut the clutter.

By March 22, 2018


Facebook turns on AV1 technology to speed up video streaming

The social network takes its first steps to send video using a new technology that can cut your data use, improve quality, and deliver videos faster.

By April 25, 2018


Firefox 59 speed trick pits your PC against your network

Mozilla's browser sets up mini competitions to find the fastest way to display websites. Also new: testing a business-friendly Firefox.

By March 13, 2018


Firefox Quantum leader takes over all Mozilla products

Mark Mayo, who led the recent Quantum overhaul of Mozilla's browser, has a bigger job now. Mozilla's top lawyer also gets a promotion.

By March 8, 2018